The Art and Life of



188 pages, 560 color plates

with essay by Will South


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"Conrad Buff brought his love for nature from his native Switzerland

to California, where he would become one of the state's most stubbornly

individualistic painters.  He always maintained respect for careful

craftsmanship and time-honored traditions, while at the same time he

responded to modern art movements and incorporated experimentation into

his working methods.  Along the way, he found vibrant equivalents in shape,

line and color for the Western landscape."


--Will South, The Art and Life of Conrad Buff 





CONRAD BUFF (1886 -1975) was a landscape painter

whose extensive career was contemporaneous with the

 fluctuating art movements of the 20th century, from the

plein air painters of the 1920's to the abstract color field

painters and Minimalists of the 1950's and '60's. 


The chapters in the left menu briefly outline Buff's own

progress as an artist, as he listened to, yet remained

unconstrained by, the conventions of each time.  We

hope you enjoy the story of his extraordinary life.